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of parents say their child has found inappropriate YouTube videos
of students say they have been a victim of cyberbullying
of all people on the internet are children

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Responsible Online Behavior: How to Raise Cyber-Savvy Kids

Most children can’t imagine their lives without online communication. They game online together, share membership on fanpages and chat with their friends. As in the real world and also online, your kids may encounter inappropriate behavior as well as initiate it. How can you guide them to make the right choices and avoid making and affiliating with wrong choices? Child psychologist Jarmila Tomkova shared her thoughts.

Navigating the digital playground. How to prevent cyberbullying in online gaming

The appeal of online gaming has captivated global audiences, transforming the way we play, interact and connect. As this form of entertainment continues to flourish, it brings about many benefits – from enhancing cognitive abilities to fostering social bonds. However, the virtual world is not without challenges. Is cyberbullying and hate speech casting a shadow over the digital playground?

Don’t ignore it, report it: Teach your kids how to react to hate speech and cyberhate

The internet offers a lot of space for inspiration and quality discussion. Still, you or your kids might at times come across behavior that simply isn’t right, such as cyberhate – an online version of hate speech. In international law, both these forms of offensive behavior are defined as a crime. When your children witness hate speech or cyberhate, or when they fall victim to it, how should they respond? Here’s what the child psychologist Jarmila Tomkova recommends.

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