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Don’t be afraid to step into STEM on International Day of Women and Girls in Science

| 11 Feb 2022

Women in science and technology still only make up to 28% of the workforce.

Science and technology should be made accessible to everybody, yet the scientific community frequently fails to do so. Women in science and technology still only make up to 28% of the workforce. The prevailing gender gap is increasingly visible in technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines all around the world. The global scientific community has made a lot of progress in the past years in inspiring and engaging girls and women in science as well as increasing their participation in higher education in these, still, under-represented fields. And yet, the gender gap still holds a lot of girls and women back from the breakthroughs they could have been contributing to.

To support more girls and women participating in science and to achieve gender parity in the scientific community, and empower women and girls to pursue a career in science, the United Nations General Assembly declared the 11th of February as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The day has been globally recognized since 2015.

An (ISC)² Women in Cybersecurity Report says, that men outnumber women three to one in the field of cybersecurity, highlighting the need to support women in their pursuit of STEM subjects. ESET has therefore started its own ESET Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship. It is designed to boost the representation of women in cybersecurity and a grant of $5000 is awarded to female undergraduate students in the United States and Canada majoring in a STEM field of study.

At its headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia, ESET has also been doing its part at encouraging bright young women to pursue sciences. They have teamed up with an initiative, Aj Ty v IT, to motivate, educate and build a community of girls and women in IT. They work closely with the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, to encourage girls to study informatics and later pursue a career in the field.

Furthermore, ESET has been supporting and celebrating science since its establishment 30 years ago. Among its countless activities, ESET has been rewarding Slovak scientists for their outstanding achievements that have worldwide impact and safeguard humanity’s progress. The ESET Science Award has been awarded since 2019 in three categories recognizing both male and female laureates.

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