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million children, between the ages of 5-11 in India have access to the internet
of parents show increased concern about kids’ safety during online schooling
of Indian parents have never spoken to their children about online safety

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An entertainer, or a new bully. What are deepfakes and how to talk about them with kids?

Imagine yourself as a timid kid feeling intimidated by your peers. One day, a group of children laugh at you, and you don’t fully understand the reason. Then they show you a video in which your face has been put onto the body of the main character in the movie Forest Gump. The video is, of course, fake – more specifically, it is a deepfake. What are deepfakes and how do they figure in children’s lives?

How to react to trolling and cyberbullying on social media

Hurtful comments and unnecessary slurs, trolling and cyberbullying have been a real issue for many years. They appear in many unsettling forms, but are mostly linked to social media. Most of the social networks are trying to fight this problem. For example, TikTok, the most popular platform among teenagers, commented strongly on the topic and tried to find new ways to stop cyberbullies. And there are also many things parents can do to prevent cyberbullying – but first, let’s dive a bit deeper into the topic.

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