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Digital Safety Olympics: Turning safety into fun competition

| 23 Feb 2024

Similarly to the Olympic games, which test skills of the sportsmen from all over the world, the Safer Internet Day – which is on the 6th of February – is a great opportunity to test our skills in digital security. The following quiz will take your child through several security disciplines and help them explore the various challenges of the online world. Take the quiz together with your child, support them in their learning and be a part of the Safer Internet Day together with us.

Why take this quiz?

In a fun way, kids can test their knowledge of digital security and parents can easily find out which areas they should focus on more. It is important to communicate with your child openly about each question, add examples from your life so the child can better relate to them and answer any additional questions your child may have.

The quiz includes useful links to materials you can use to deepen your child's knowledge of responsible online behavior. Become their coach in the digital world arena by considering ESET Parental Control for Android or ESET Mobile Security for Android which can become a digital safety net for your whole family! 


Ready? Let’s get into it!

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