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5 things to remember when using Snapchat

| 01 Nov 2023

If you´ve ever seen your kid’s phone, you might have noticed an icon of a white ghost on a yellow background. This is Snapchat.

A popular social media messaging app, that allows you to send photos, videos, and messages to your contacts. The fun thing about Snapchat is it´s disappearing message feature. Once the message or photo is opened, the receiver cannot access it anymore. So, it´s a one-time view-only messaging system.

Snapchat is popular among kids and teenagers, since there are many ways to gamify the platform and it is fun to use.

Here are 5 things to talk to your kids about to keep them safe on Snapchat:

  • Disable location settings

To stay safe, it is always best not to share you geolocation online, on any platform. Make sure only people you chose can see your kid’s location. There is an option to choose just a close group of friends who can view it. It is even possible to turn on Ghost Mode, if you want the location to not be shared at all.

  • Remember screenshots

The fact that the photos are deleted after opening creates a false sense of safety. In reality, the people your kids send the photo or message to is able to screenshot them. Make sure whatever your kids are sending to their friends is within the realm of reason and cannot be used against them (for cyberbullying, blackmail, etc.) in any way. 

  • Blocking people is okay

Not accepting people´s requests to connect and blocking people is completely normal and a valid thing to do. Your kid should only accept requests from people they know in real life, to prevent being targeted by predators. Same goes for blocking users. If your kid is contacted by someone you don´t know, you have the option to block them, so they are prevented from contacting your kid again. This feature might even be used for other kids who are, for example, trying to cyberbully your kid.

  • Keep personal information close to heart

Kids tend to overshare online; it is therefore very important to talk to them about a need for a certain level of anonymity online. Never share where they go to school, where they live, how old they are and so on.