Our Experts

Parvinder Walia

President, Asia Pacific and Japan

Parvinder is the President of ESET in Asia Pacific and Japan, with more than a decade of experience in the cybersecurity industry. He is passionate about making cybersecurity top of mind for everyone and helping them to protect their digital life. As a parent, Parvinder strongly advocates the need for building a safer online world for children, as well as for parents to play an important role in encouraging their kids to engage in outdoor activities and pursue passions beyond the digital world.

Jake Moore

Cyber Security Specialist

Jake Moore is a Cyber Security Specialist for ESET. He previously worked for Dorset Police in the UK for 14 years, primarily investigating computer crime in its Digital Forensics Unit on a range of offences from fraud to missing children. During this time, using techniques allowed under the law, he learnt how to retrieve digital evidence from devices in order to help protect the innocent victims of cybercrime. He then became a cyber security consultant for the police force, delivering tailored advice to the public, to schools and to local businesses in order to help protect the community and build on their existing security knowledge.

Peter Stančík

Security Research & Awareness Lead

Peter has been working at ESET for eight years as a Security Research & Awareness Manager. He notes that these days we face a completely new dimension to parenting: the whole world is going digital, including schools. But if you are not from the industry, your kids can easily outrun your knowledge. So educating yourself about your kids’ safety is simply a must, he says.

PhDr. Jarmila Tomková


Jarmila is a well-respected psychologist in Slovakia. She has worked at the Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology, where she led research teams examining the opportunities and risks of child internet usage. She coordinated the Slovak team of EU Kids Online, a multinational research network. She has also worked as a school psychologist, where she designed and implemented several development and preventative programs, such as Students against Bullying. Jarmila continues to work as a consultant for organisations and schools in the prevention of, and intervention in, negative behaviour such as bullying and hate speech. She also founded and leads the civic association ViaSua, dedicated to supporting the mental health and personal growth of individuals, families and society in general. This is achieved by counselling, awareness raising and the destigmatisation of mental health issues. She considers language and discourse to be crucial and always favours a participative and peer-to-peer approach.

Robert Lipovský

Senior Malware Researcher

Robert is a Senior Malware Researcher at ESET with more than 10 years’ experience in cybersecurity. He speaks regularly at security conferences around the world and runs reverse-engineering courses at Slovak universities. He is strongly in favour of user education and awareness, which he says is crucial for us to protect ourselves from online threats – and believes education should start at an early age.

Ondrej Kubovič

Security Awareness Specialist

Ondrej has worked at ESET for more than three years as a Security Awareness Specialist, which requires him to follow, write and talk about the latest cybersecurity threats. He’s not just an expert: he also views many of the risks through the eyes of his two young nieces, who are already a part of today’s digital world, via the social media accounts of their parents. Ondrej hopes that despite all the new malicious activity that we see on the internet, we will be able to make children’s online experience enjoyable and, most of all, safe.

Daniela Buján Havranová

Head of Global Marketing Programs

Daniela, ESET’s Head of Global Marketing Programs, describes herself as an ‘ESET old-timer’: she has been with the company for over ten years. Online child safety is a major priority for Daniela. In her years working in security, she’s seen many cases of security incidents that industry outsiders would find hard to believe, so she knows that bringing awareness to this topic is really important. As a mother, and so able to see the risks that her daughter could be exposed to, she believes something needs to be done. Safer Kids Online is ESET’s answer to this and Daniela is proud to be part of a project that can help parents and teachers guide children towards being more internet-savvy.

James Shepperd

Content Strategist

James has been at ESET for three years, as part of the Global PR team, so he reviews a lot of stories: ESET’s, its competitors’, and many news stories that tell of both awareness and opportunity – but also fear and missteps in a world that isn’t always so secure. As a parent, he is affected by stories in which kids feature. So helping ESET and the wider cybersecurity community to instil good digital instincts in kids, James says, is key to keeping them, and all of us, safe in this shared digital world.

Katarína Verešová

Global Marketing Programs Team Lead

Katie is passionate about online child safety and ensuring that ESET fosters social responsibility in the industry and towards its user communities. She sees cybersecurity as becoming an essential part of children’s education, and anticipates it being included in school syllabuses – indeed, this is already happening in some places. She contributes to this through involvement in conferences and in ESET’s school and community outreach efforts. She believes that education about digital safety is an ongoing process, and that information needs to be shared with children of all age groups.

Alžbeta Kovaľová

Security writer

Alžbeta has worked at ESET for two years. She spent her time writing and reviewing materials for internal and external communication. She specializes in topics regarding children and their online safety. She is passionate about children’s safety, because of her nieces and nephews. “Digital security is just like learning to talk or walk,” she says, “They mimic the parents until they feel confident enough to do it on their own. The parents are the role models.”