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Is BeReal safe for your kids?

| 01 Nov 2023

You might have heard about the new photo sharing app “BeReal.” But you may be asking yourself, what is it? And is it safe for my kids?

BeReal is an app that claims to promote authenticity. The premise is that traditional social media don´t provide the real picture, but rather a curated and altered version of one’s life. BeReal´s mission is to show real, unedited lives of regular people. And it had gained its success and popularity especially amongst young people and teenagers, ranking as the no. 1 app on Apple’s App Store.

It almost feels like a game, which is why it´s so addictive. It´s a simple app, where you share photos of yourself and your surroundings at various times of the day. The app sends you a notification and gives you two minutes to snap a photo. It then takes a photo with your front and back camera, to showcase who and where you are. Mind you, there are no filters on the app. Only after you post your contribution can you see other people’s photos for that day. Some photos you can share privately, with only your friends, and others you can allow to be seen on the Discover page for anyone to view.

Authenticity? Yes please!

One really good thing about BeReal seems to be the fact that users don´t have enough time to curate their photos. They simply snap and post. It seems to encourage authenticity and provide less opportunity to edit and showcase a perfect life. This is great for one’s mental health, especially for teenagers and kids using the app. It gives less opportunity for them to see unrealistic beauty standards and perfect lives that aren´t even real.

It is also a great experience for them to share with their friends. They can all share their photos and thoughts on the app and thus keep track of each other. This can be a way for kids to socialize with their friends even when they are physically not with them.

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Is it all just an act?

However, nothing online comes without its risks. The two-minute window that the app gives users to take a photo and post it on one hand does promote authenticity, but on the other might create unnecessary pressure and anxiety for kids. It can make them feel that they need to be in top shape and always perform, because you never know when the notification will come. However, since there is no way to become famous, since the app doesn´t allow for likes and follows, it takes off the pressure to be liked online. Or at least that is the intent.

Always-on culture for kids?

You have heard of always-on culture when it comes to working folks. Well, this app creates a similar effect for kids, creating the need to have their devices with them and always on, because you never know when you might be asked to take your photo of the day. Plus, when the alert arises, people on the app are encouraged to drop everything and focus on the app. This might distract kids from their everyday activities and even real-life experiences.